Nagam Janardhan Reddy Joins Congress

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Veteran BJP leader and former minister Nagam Janardhan Reddy  met Rahul Gandhi along with Uttam on Wednesday as per Congress Sources. Party yet to confirm this officially.

Congress high command has cleared admission of Janardhan Reddy into the party despite objections. The party sources said that the high command wants to take Janardhan Reddy aboard though party MLA DK Aruna has raised objections.

DK Aruna, who was not happy about admission of Janardhan Reddy, has camped in Delhi for two days recently and submitted her objections to the high command. She reportedly told the party leaders that there would be no use by admitting Janardhan Reddy into the party. Janardhan Reddy already changed two parties and his credibility was low.

The high command has rejected the argument and reportedly told Aruna to work along with Janardhan Reddy and with those who join the Congress. She was told that clinching the victory for the party in the state was more important than accepting the wishes of the leaders.

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