Captain Uttam seen as most honest politician in Telangana

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Politics is not a profession that encourages moral reflection or insight. “The ends justify the means” is good enough for most practitioners. But every now and then, you see someone in politics who raises the questions that confront many of us at some point in our lives: Are we living a moral life? By “moral,” I mean are we living with empathy, love and forgiveness for others? Are we encouraging the voice within that asks us to help more than hurt?

An honest politician is one of those oxymorons that people don’t dare fantasize about – it’s unthinkable, irrational, and dangerous for one’s career in the corridors of power.

A credible agency did a survey recently to find out who are all honest politicians in Telangana. 83.67% of the people said PCC President Captain Uttam is honest followed by KTR 11.6% and rest miscellaneous.

There are only a few politicians who explicitly & deliberately tell out and out lies like Chandrababu Naidu and KCR as per the people.

Every politician, when forced to defend his/her ideas, is going to engage in a bit of treachery and embellishment. Sometimes, it’s not so much about preserving or furthering one’s own self-interest than it is a matter of pride.

So, are there honest politicians out there? Sure. But they’re going to be in the minority and Uttam is one of them.


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