Democracy is in decline everywhere in Telangana

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Telangana people worrying about democracy. People believe Telangana will emerge from these dark times with institutions intact, and with a renewed commitment to the principles and norms that made them, a symbol of hope around the country (Change Is Now).

Telangana people will ultimately reject a chief minister whose public and private statements imply that he rejects the premise of Constitution , that all men and women are created equal.

There is evidence to support this statement. In a recent online survey, only 24% say CM KCR is honest, compared with 73% who do not. Only 38% think he cares about common man, and 32% think he shares their values. 79% deny he has good leadership skills. Only 20% consider him level-headed, the same as the percentage who believe he has accomplished more than most Chief Ministers in United Andhra.

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