Fake Maharaj aka Poseur KTR And His Fake Followers

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Fake fans serve no purpose. They don’t make you look bigger, they don’t encourage more people to follow you, they don’t engage with your content, and when someone discovers it your credibility is destroyed.

This is just what happened, KTR recently thanked people for following him on Twitter and the number reached 1 million. He failed to realize that more than 40% of those users are fake. Well did he use bots to increase the followers? May be yes or no but his credibility is lost.


Usually investors or venture capitalists invest money looking at these numbers if you are running a business. Put yourself in the position of the investor; what would you think about someone pitching you if you discovered their huge social following was all fake? Would you trust their numbers or anything they said at that point?

TRS party and people affiliated to that party, all have fake followers.



If all the people that like these tweets are real, then the critical thinking capabilities of KTR’s die-hard supporters (Pink’s) are just non-existent.

That the “real” likes on these tweets may only be half as many as KTR would like people to believe does make people feel a little better about Telangana’s current position.

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