INOC sees great future for Feroz Khan in Congress

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“He is not simply a political leader in Nampally. He’s one of the most impressive people in the entire Old City , Hyderabad, called development man by the localities” says Indian National Overseas Telangana Leadership.

Congress Party injects new blood Feroz Khan to fight MIM in 2019 elections. INOC NRIs had a conference call with Feroz Khan to discuss his intentions, gauging his abilities. Few hundreds of people participated in the call.

Feroz Khan introduced himself to the NRI community. He  said he started spending crores from his own pocket to emerge as an unconventional politician, He also operates water tanks in Nampally area to supply water in every house, every Mandir or Mosque which cost 1 core for a year. He distributed 100 computers and sewing machines to Muslim girls, given free medicine to 10,000 people all this cost 2 crore every year. He said he does a lot of charity work.

Feroz said he is an Indian first and then a Muslim. He likes to speak Telugu whenever there is a chance.

Feroz claimed Rahul Gandhi personally invited him to join Congress to fight communal parties like MIM, BJP and work for the development of country.

It’s true there is a lot of “anything to win” mentality in the squeaky wheel.  But the other three wheels are still there.  There are plenty of good in the society.  Its just that you don’t hear much about them.

INOC Telangana Vice President Sandeep Vangala hosted the event. Sravanth Poreddy, Naresh Katta, Nikhil Gudur, Vineeth Raghav and many more participated in the event and wished Feroz Khan good luck.


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