Naidu’s Idiocracy-High time for him to retire

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Naidu’s lack of conviction in obtaining Special category status is a big reason why the state still didn’t get it, even though both Congress and BJP publicly committed to it, repeatedly. He not only told people that a package is better than status but also publicly chided and suppressed activists and opposition parties for agitating.

Instead of letting Central government take care of Polavaram project as prescribed by the Act, Naidu insisted on getting control over it. What difference will it make to the people if the state government executes the project or center? Naidu was more interested in delimitation that gives more MLA seats than special category status. What difference does it make to people if there are 250 MLAs instead of 175?  Instead of consistently fighting for special category status, he went after other things, weakening his own position at the negotiation table.

Naidu constantly presented a rosy picture of Andhra’s growth while the infant mortality rate is at dangerous levels and several lakh young people are looking for jobs.  Naidu said he will raise bonds from NRIs to build Amaravati. Guess Naidu has lost his mind and its high time for him to retire.


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