‘Pet’ty TRS leaders for Rajyasabha

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Instead of electing the experts or distinguished public figures, political parties have started using the Rajya Sabha seats to dispense favors to their sycophants, rehabilitate their own party men who could not win in general elections or to mollify their unwanted leaders or rebels.

KCR selected 3 candidates Joginapally Santosh Kumar, Badugula Lingaiah Yadav, Banda Prakash Mudiraj for Rajyasabha. Has anyone any day seen them fighting for the people, justice, county or state?

Are they qualified to be Rajyasabha members?

The very purpose of Rajya Sabha is to attract and accommodate experts and politically neutral persons of higher talents to make them participate in the country’s governance, so much so their views or voices could have a moderating or enriching influence on the political leadership of the Government.

Moreover, as the very name Rajya Sabha suggests this arrangement is also aimed at strengthening the Federal Structure of the Nation by enabling the individual states to elect and send the elite from their own states to represent or safeguard the interests of their states in the Union of India.

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