Suryapet Collectorate Land Scam: PIL to be listed on Tuesday

Hotel 7, Suryapet
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Officials had proposed land which belongs to private parties at Kudakuda village for the new administrative buildings. However, there were allegations that the land was selected to benefit some ruling party leaders . The foundation stone for the collector complex was laid by KCR on October 12.But back in December 2017, Suryapet hits a new low when a plaque installed to mark the proposed integrated collector complex vanished.

Opposition party filed Public Interest Litigation in court saying there was insider trading and the land selected for administrative buildings is a scam. Opposition alleged Saidi Reddy, benami of Minister Jagdish Reddy bought lands from poor farmers prior to proposed collector office location was selected.

The plea, is likely to be listed for hearing on Tuesday. Court might put stay on the construction of collector complex and real estate business in the surrounding areas would halt.


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