Telangana Association TATA to shut down soon!

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Speculative rumors that the first national level Telangana Association in USA, TATA to shut down soon. Recent developments in the organization support these rumors.  Jhansi Reddy founder president of TATA submitted her resignation last week. Some others in the organization have been forced to step down as a result of the arrogant and discriminatory behavior of few committee members. These members have no respect towards the founding chairs.

In recent years, various organizations have faced the problem of internal silly politics. In response, some have adopted the practice of the organization ban. The main focus in existing jurisprudence/by laws  has been on the external activities of these organizations. In determining whether an organization is truly non profit or community development, attention has centered on the organization goals and practices.

It often ignores an essential element in organizations, namely, their internal structures. Founder Chairman Malla Reddy Pailla yet to comment on these ongoing developments in the organization. Committee appointed Dr,Harinath Policherla as President of TATA replacing Jhansi Reddy.

Harinath hails from Rayalseema back in India and the whole intention of TATA organization is Telangana community development in USA and India.

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