Future of Harish Rao in TRS?

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Future of Harish Rao is quite uncertain as of today.  Things that TRS going to do to dig their own grave are

  1. Appointing KTR as the party’s CM candidate. We all know that he is not a capable leader like KCR or Harish  and it is wrong to handle the hierarchy to him just because he is the son of KCR.
  2. Say if TRS wins 2019 elections, KTR would surely be appointed as CM of Telangana and Harish will never ever have a chance in his life.
  3. Say if TRS loses 2019 elections, Harish will definitely have chances in 2024 as party cadre wont let nincompoops  to lead the party after losing once.

Keeping this in mind, will Harish work against TRS in 2019? Speculations on speculation..

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