NRIs to protest in solidarity for TFI victims

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Ramifications of sexual exploitation in Telugu Film Industry-NRIs living in Jacksonville, Florida have decided to express their solidarity  for TFI working women by not watching Telugu movie ‘Bharat Ane Nenu’ . Leading actor of the movie is Mahesh Babu.

No male actor has come forward to condemn the sexual exploitation prevailing in TFI ever since the issue was raised by one of the artist. Looks like victims include underage kids and Telangana Govt has failed investigating the issue.

Protest is titled ‘BharathaSthreeAneNenu‘.

In a message Jax NRIs appealed,

Bharatha Sthree Ane Nenu..

Mission: When we can’t Control what’s happening, challenge ourself to
Control how we respond to what’s happening. That’s where our Power is

1. Stop sexual Exploitation of minor girls & women within Telugu Film Industry (TFI)

2. Boycott TFI & refuse to indirectly contribute to sexual exploitation, sexual harassment, sexual violence

3. Girls/Women artists/aspirants seeking work in TFI should be protected from trade offs (quid pro quo) & hostile environment thru law & regulations


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