INOC says NRI support, Rahul and Uttam can make difference in Telangana

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An event was organized in Miami Beaches to meet and greet Sam Pitroda, adviser to Rajiv Gandhi,  who led technology missions related to water, literacy, immunization, oil seeds and dairy, more importantly the one who modernized the Indian telephone system and provided telecom innovation the country had never seen. Event was organized by Sunil Joshi, an entrepreneur from Miami.

Quite a few NRIs from Telangana region attended the event and extended support for Congress Party in India especially Telangana. They said bringing back congress in Telangana is very much needed at this moment to save Democracy. Telangana was declared 2nd most corrupted state in the country by an agency. NRIs are confident that Rahul and Uttam can be bring fair governance which matters for sustainable development with no corruption.

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