Shilpa Layout Tellapur 120 feet approved by GHMC

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For a hassle-free traffic towards the international airport at Shamshabad from the Kondapur-Gachibowli junction, the state government has given the green signal to the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation to construct a six-lane two-way flyover towards Outer Ring Road in the direction of Kondapur and at second level at Gachibowli  junction; and formation of a 120-foot-wide road from Shilpa Layout to Gachibowli via gas company at a cost of around Rs 330 crore.

To relieve the at-grade junction at Gachibowli and to provide relief to the ORR-bound traffic from Hitec City, Madhapur, Jubilee Hills and other areas, the GHMC proposed to improve the Gachibowli junction and to develop the 120-ft-wide road.

The consultants engaged by GHMC  have submitted the feasibility report integrating the Gachibowli junction solution already proposed as part of the NFCL-Miyapur conflict-free corridor. It is proposed to build a six-lane two-way flyover in the direction of Kondapur towards ORR at second level at Gachibowli Junction (proposed as part of Strategic Road Development Programme Project ie, comprehensive development of NFCL-Allwyn crossroads corridor as conflict-free corridor).

Two-lane up and down ramps are also proposed from Shilpa Layout to Old Mumbai Highway near Gachibowli junction and a four-lane bidirectional flyover at the second level crossing over existing Gachibowli flyover which further splits into two independent loop flyovers and connects to ORR (Gachibowli-Shamshabad) on either side. GHMC officials said that the new route will connect the old Mumbai highway near Gachibowli junction and the Mindspace junction via Shilpa Layout road. At present, traffic towards Hitec City moves in this section via Biodiversity junction.

The proposed diversion of traffic to the new 120-ft-wide road which is expected to be 1,380 PCU per hour at peak time in the base year of 2018 and projected to be 3,407 PCU per hour in 2028 with addition of traffic from HKC area. Further, the peak-hour traffic flow at the Gachibowli junction is 15,020 PCU in the base year. The project  is estimated to cost around `330 crore _ `275 crore for civil works and `55 crore for land acquisition.

The proposed road will pass through Gachibowli junction where a 1.45-km-long four-lane two-way flyover is being  constructed along the old Mumbai highway at first level. With rapid development of IT sector in the vicinity of ORR, traffic movement between ORR and Madhapur. Kondapur, Hitec City areas has grown tremendously, resulting in traffic snarls, huge delays and long queues for at-grade traffic at Gachibowli junction, The traffic is expected to increase manifold due to large-scale constructions and development of Knowledge City in the area.

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