Increasing demand for home automation systems in Hyderabad

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Reached office and the question plays on a repeat mode in your mind, whether you switched off the Air Conditioner or lights back at home?

Thanks to home automation, some people can escape such sticky situations by just opening an app in their smartphone and switching off the lights, fans, Air Conditioners or even close window curtains along with controlling surveillance systems of their house.

The number of people in Hyderabad taking up home automation to ease their lives is one of the highest in country.  As per a report titled ‘Home Automation in India-Future trends of the market’ released recently by Red Seer, a consulting firm, Hyderabad stands fourth among top-10 cities in the
country with 9 per cent of the Home Automation market share, after Pune (15%), Delhi-NCR (13%) and Mumbai (12%).

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