New App Science® Lab In Hyderabad

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Sabio, the media and technology company behind App Science® , recently opened a new App Science® Lab in Hyderabad, India to accommodate rapid growth and leverage the area’s diverse high-technology talent pool.

The Hyderabad Lab will be led by Sudha Reddy, Managing Director, India. Under Reddy’s guidance, Sabio’s new product initiatives will be implemented from the Hyderabad office. As Managing Director, Reddy will be responsible for everything from operations to governmental affairs.

Reddy commented on the news, “Hyderabad is full of diverse talent from well-known prestigious colleges and universities. I look forward to fostering new relationships in the region as well as to the impact App Science® will have on local companies and international brands looking to capitalize on the growing opportunity in India.”

The team in Hyderabad is comprised of engineering, ad operations, and data science. In addition to the Hyderabad App Science® Lab, Sabio has also opened a new Lab in Los Angeles, California, a highly collaborative open environment designed to spark creativity and foster breakthrough innovation by promoting the synergy of exchange and experimentation.

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