Master Stroke or ‘Stroke in evolution’ for TRS

Author: Sandeep Vangala

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The assumptions of KCR may go in a reverse direction in Telangana for the following reasons :

1. The association with BJP is crystal clear to the voters amongst Minorities – that inspite of MIM’s friendship – the Voter may still choose Congress –

2. His remarks on Congress President – will upset the people of Telangana as they all knew that it is Sonia’s Congress which has given birth to the new state –

3. The flip-flop on settlers by giving slogans of Telangana wale Jago & Andhra wale Bago during the Telangana agitation -will come back to haunt him as TDP will have alliance with Congress –

4. The simultaneous state elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh , Chattisgarh are favoring Congress and the ‘ strategists’ of Congress will be more enthusiastic to formulate better strategies in Telangana –

5. This also will be a testing ground for opposition unity and leaders like Sitaram Yechuri, Mayawati , Mamata Banerjee, Akhilesh Yadav may show keen interest in Telangana-

6. The flopped Pragati Nivedan Sabha and the excess flow of liquor during the meeting will serve as a stark reminder for people while exercising their franchise –

7. Sonia Gandhi will definitely tour Telangana this time and that would boost the confidence of Congress candidates- who would have otherwise be fighting -amongst themselves

8. By labelling Congress as enemy Number 1 – he has brought out his inherent fears to the public domain -and indirectly strengthened Congress –

9. The works done by Congress & TDP during their regimes like Nagarjuna Sagar – International Airport & Hi-Tech city will become more obvious

10. The failed promises as evidenced by bad roads in Hyderabad will be the final straw in the game – which will result in a disastrous result for KCR & TRS !

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