TRS Promised Bangaaru Telangana, Delivered Illiterate Telangana!

Author: Sandeep Vangala

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Promising “Bangaaru Telangana” TRS government came in power in 2014. I am not sure about Bangaaru Telangana but TRS government seems to be successful in laying strong foundations to make Telangana an illiterate Telangana.
TRS government claims that State owned Tax revenue has seen a tremendous uptrend under their rule. But, is it spent wisely? Telangana takes the last spot in allocating budget towards public education (8% in 2018) in the entire country. Average Student Enrollment in 2014 was 61 lakhs which fell down to 58 lakhs in the subsequent years of TRS rule. According to statistical year book published by the government 4000 primary schools were shut down due to lack of enrollment. Supreme Court on multiple occasions questioned the TRS government to maintain the healthy ratio of 1 teacher for every 15 students. Private institution enrollment as seen an uptrend in the past 4 years while public schools enrollment is on decline.
Investing in public education creates more jobs and reduces the financial burden on low income, lower middle class, and middle class families. Average family spends at least 10 to 16 years of their life to fund their kid’s education. Investing in public education gives them financial freedom to spend their earnings elsewhere which directly contribute to states Economy.
Going to school is not the same as going shopping. Parents should not be burdened with locating a suitable school for their child. They should be able to take their child to the neighborhood public school as a matter of course and expect that it has well-educated teachers and a sound educational program.

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