Patanjali business in Lakkampally SEZ

April 12, 2018 0

Read Time: 1 minutes  The Patanjali Group headed by Acharya Balakrishna on Wednesday entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Telangana to set up its own food processing unit at the Special Economic Zone, Lakkampally […]

Central Govt didn’t approve new Cotton Purchase Centers

November 25, 2017 0

Read Time: 1 minutesOn August 10th 2017, Kotha Prabhakar Reddy  Medak TRS MP asked Smriti Irani, Textile Minister in Parliament (a)whether her Ministry has received any proposal from the Government of Telangana for the establishment of 66 additional […]

The Crisis of Democracy in Telangana

October 9, 2017 0

Read Time: 1 minutesFreedom of expression is at stake in Telugu States. In recent past Andhra govt arrested an individual for posting anti govt images in Facebook and  now in Telangana a TSRTC bus conductor, who allegedly criticized […]

TRS expects Andhrites to vote for them in Telangana

October 6, 2017 0

Read Time: 1 minutes‘Andhrula Abhimanam’ famous quote used by NTR to come to power in combined Andhra back in days. TRS supremo, his son and entire family used foul filthy language to abuse Andhrites before and after Telangana […]

TRS grasping over Singareni

September 28, 2017 0

Read Time: 1 minutesTRS is doing everything to obtain the desired goal while ignoring the consequences. They are willing to compromise values, beliefs, and everything they stood for to obtain Singareni. KTR campaigned in GHMC elections and Harish for […]